What is Grove Cab

Grove Cab is a small holiday home. It is composed of two modules, which are completely manufactured at the factory and will be delivered to the site in the assembled form. The advantage of a small house is the possibility of its installation on light foundations (screw piles), which minimizes the impact on the site and allows it to be used in inconvenient for conventional construction sites.

Do you have ready-made projects for implementation?

No, each of our projects is individual. We take into account the nature of the site, its characteristics, your preferences, tastes, and create exactly what will be most relevant in this context.

How to start implementing such a project?

1.Find a suitable location. 2. Pick up “Moodboard” – it’s samples, visualizations, descriptions to convey your mood and atmosphere and other characteristics of your future home. 3. Find us! In reverse, it can work even better! 🙂

How much does it cost?

There is no single price, each house is a “lego” of various technological, engineering, and architectural solutions, we will help to put everything together and prepare first a preliminary (at the concept stage) and then a detailed estimate for implementation.

Can we organize everything: from idea to implementation?

Yes, we are ready to advise and organize work at all stages: from site analysis and concept creation, to the finished house.

It's just a concept, have you already made it?

“Grove cab” is completely made and is in the beautiful site near Lviv. Call us, we will be glad to make you a presentation.