What is Grove Cab

Grove Cab is a small holiday home. It is composed of two modules, which are completely manufactured at the factory and will be delivered to the site in the assembled form. The advantage of a small house is the possibility of its installation on light foundations (screw piles), which minimizes the impact on the site and allows it to be used in inconvenient for conventional construction sites.

Package and cost

At the cost of the house, we include everything necessary for its operation, namely all engineering networks, internal and external completion of walls, all built-in furniture, and appliances. We can configure Grove cab depending on the needs and tastes of the customer. Optionally, we offer installation of air conditioning, fireplace, bedroom furniture, and the manufacture and installation of an outdoor terrace.

Transportation and installation

Our Grove Cab consists of two modules that transport the truck to its place of operation. The transportation and installation costs will be calculated separately, depending on the distance, the type of site and type of equipment necessary for the delivery and installation of the house. Also, for the installation of houses, it is necessary to conduct preliminary works on the preparation of the site (see the relevant paragraph in the FAQ), calculation of the type of foundation and the method of installation.

Preparation of a site

Before installing a small house, it is necessary to connect the necessary communications on the site, namely electricity and water supply. The sewage can be connected both to the existing sewage network and to the local sewage treatment systems.

Is it possible to use the house all year round?

We designed “Grove cab” taking into account all the temperature and atmospheric factors in Ukraine. The house has high thermal characteristics: it has low heat losses and high power heating appliances that provide comfort at any time of the year. Also, for the comfort of staying in the summer, we offer optional installation of air conditioning.

It's just a concept, have you already made it?

“Grove cab” is completely made and is in the beautiful site near Lviv. Call us, we will be glad to make you a presentation. You can also¬† go and watch it by yoursefl in “Stavky Country Club”.

How can I use it?

For the owner of the hotel business, we are ready to make houses and develop a concept of their arrangement on your site. If you plan to invest in a hotel building – we will be happy to assist you in developing the concept and implementation of the hotel with the use of our cabs. If you liked “Grove Cab” and you want to install it in your holiday area – we will arrange it taking into account all your needs and wishes.